Master Technical Analysis and Chart reading



Take your understanding of Technical analysis, Volume analysis, Chart reading skills and Smart Money to nothing short of “Mastery” with this bundle


Technical analysis has become extensive in recent years. We study the psychology of technical analysis and why they work 60 to 70% of the time. There are several categories of technical analysis – Price indicators, Support and Resistance levels, Momentum indicators, Volume indicators, Oscillators and Statistical price movement indicators. We cut through all the noise and show you why there are 4 or 5 indicators you should study and that’s all you really need to make informed entry and exit decisions. Technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy and gives deep insight into crowd behavior.

What you will master

  • What is Technical Analysis and why is crowd psychology an important factor in markets
  • Why does technical analysis work only 60 to 70% of the time
  • Why are Price indicators called “lagging” indicators
  • What are potential “leading” indicators
  • A study of Moving averages and which ones are helpful
  • What are the best indicators for short, medium and long term trends
  • Why do we need a “confluence” of indicators to make a decision
  • Why the Bollinger Bands are a cool indicator
  • Adjusting technical indicators to match your trading timeframe
  • Why technical analysis “works until it doesn’t”

What Will I Learn?

  • Master Technical Analysis, Volume analysis and Chart reading skills
  • Become an expert in Chart reading skills

Topics for this course

13 Lessons03h


What is Technical analysis00:00
Technical Analysis – Details 200:00
Technical Analysis – Indicator Types.. Section 2 has Direct access to each one00:00
Technical Analysis – Case Studies00:00



About the instructors

Bruce Aldo Molinaroli

Expert Crypto Trader

Bruce Aldo Molinaroli is a professional trader with over 42+ years of experience trading the financial markets and securities, both personally and professionally. Bruce has from his experience, acquired the FINRA license, NYSE American LLC license and New York Stock Exchange license respectively. As a longer of new technology and experience expert in handling volatile markets, he has taken his experience into trading cryptocurrency since 2015 and has gained more insights and studied to near perfection, how the market works based on historical data and technical analysis. Over the time of trading cryptocurrency, Bruce has created a fortune for himself, gaining millions of dollars in bitcoins and other cryptocurrency assets.
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The course is good for the exact beginners. It is informative and to the point. I recommend this course for all the newbies looking for having a basic understanding on fundamental analysis.

The course is easy to understand and provide a good overview of basic indicators for a beginner level. However, it does not provide any exercises to practice, plus the quizzes are pretty easy and have no challenge on the knowledge gained. In addition, as a beginner with no financial background, I have no idea what software or tools you are using in the course.

This is an awesome course covering many of the important technical indicators. Kind of help you a lot in understanding the financial lingo especially for a newbie. Good blend of Theory and Real World examples. I like that Hari repeats again and again certain key concepts which by the end of the lectures gets en-grained in your mind. I like his approach to options training and his sincere enthusiasm and commitment. Hari well done and hope to take all your courses

Good points: the instructor provides good explanation of the technical indicators included in this course (moving averages, MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands). He also shows how these can be applied to stock charts. The part on volume analysis is also very good in terms of providing basic explanation of how the smart money works.

Areas that can be improved: I wished that the course could be longer and included discussion of some of the volume analysis indicators (other than the volume itself). The technical analysis chapter covers only the basic and most common indicators (moving averages, MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands) - although the instructor does mention that he prefers to keep the analysis as simple as possible and not to use too many indicators that may confuse the interpreter.

Overall I think it's a good course, but I don't think it's enough to actually enable the learner to "master" technical analysis and chart reading skills, but it's a good start

Hari is the best instructor on Udemy. All his courses are great, very rich but easy to understand.

I am learning a lot with Hari's courses every day.

very good course it gave me the overall understanding of the market movements and how the smart money works in order to move the market in their favorable side

Great introduction to technical analysis trading.

Spot on what I was looking forward.. straight talk

Clear concise information, great until now.

Clear and to the point

Very good fundamentals! Highly recommended

Great course so far

till the first two episodes it was really good. looking forward to see how the rest are going to be

- I could take benefit from this course as I had taken a very basic fundamental course, so one needs that ideas about candlesticks etc before taking this course. Hari obviously talks about the 47 bundles, so I am sure there are course from basics to advanced
- IN this lecture, the Volume Analysis part was outstanding

very good. finally understood technical indicators !!!

Very well explained

So far all of this information is just review. Hoping to learn more about chart patterns and how to take advantage of patterns soon! At the half way point and am really getting a lot more out of the course. Starting to dig down into some important concepts. Hoping that things get even more detailed from here!

The content provided in this course is good. I bought it to a reduced price and it was good value for the money spent. I think the regular price is a bit too high for the course length and content.

Simple and on point

Good insight into market forces and how to use them to your advantage.


Material Includes

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 5 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion


  • Basic understanding of Markets and Stock or Options trading

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in Markets, stocks, trading and investing