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Cryptocurrency Wallets Course: Secure Your Cryptos Safely!

2h 30m

About Course

Keep your Cryptocurrency safe & secure from hackers with Paper, Desktop, Mobile and Hardware wallets!

What Will I Learn?

  • You will know how to create a Paper wallet to store Cryptocurrency
  • You will know how to create a Keystore wallet to store Cryptocurrency
  • You will know how to use a hardware wallet, like a Ledger Nano or Trezor wallet, to store your Cryptocurrency
  • You will learn how to download a wallet for a specific coin
  • You will learn about wallets that pay dividends

Topics for this course

31 Lessons2h 30m


Welcome to the Cryptocurrency Wallet Course! Here is what you will learn00:00
Why are wallets crucial in Cryptocurrency?00:00
How do wallets works?00:00
The Truth behind where your money is stored00:00

Paper Wallet

Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallets!

Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet!

Hardware Wallets – Most Secure Wallets

Future of Cryptocurrency Wallets!

Wallets Course Conclusion

About the instructors

My name is Jason and I have 9 years experience trading cryptocurrency trading and over 21 years of investing in stocks and etf. I trade cryptocurrency and travel the world as I teach students the arts of technical analysis and cryptocurrency research. I have thankfully, developed a deep understanding of the financial industry's many facets: Long-term investing, shorter-term trading, and automation. I run a full-time Cryptocurrency trading channel on Telegram where we analyze the markets every single day, serving members, who have seen compound growth in their portfolio ever since.
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In the early lecture maybe you could emphasize that someone seeing the public key is nothing to worry about.. Also when you transfer from a paper wallet you must transfer all of the coins and never use that paper wallet again. Thanks, I really like your videos and knowledge.

Very informative and to the point! Great energy and easy to understand. Highly recommend

Easy to understand. Very articulate and engaging....keeps it very interesting. Should update though with more current events and trends for people who are just starting the course in 2021.

Wow. That was a lot of information in a very short period of time. You could have easily stretched this out into a few different courses. Instead he really unloads a lot of valuable information which helps a beginner not only get into trading crypto but understanding cryptocurrency altogether. I've already made enough to cover the cost of this course. I'll be watching this again and again.

Good course on the different wallets with great explanations and demonstrations. I did not know there were so many options available.

I find the course informative giving a number of different wallets with their purposes and vulnerabilities.

Well received, informative and finally underdstand!

This is a must course to give you the basic and the direction to safe investing in to the new economy. Great transparent teacher and surrounded by great community group. Highly recommended for first time user and a bargain. Thanks

The course gave me a better understanding of Crypto wallets, very well taught course, very pleased with its contents.

Can't imagine actually attempting getting into cryptocurrencies without his information.

excellent info the only confusing part is when you show how to copy and paste your private key to send cryptos .Is that not a no no? Did you do that on or offline.? Is the private key in a download folder in your desktop that could conceivably be hacked? Am I missing something?

A lot of info. but most of it Suppoman doesn't even recommend and I understand why. But was wondering why he would spend so much time on these other ledgers instead of just an overview of them then focus the nano s and trezor. over all great job.

Extremely informative and up there with Crypto Cousins

fun fun fun !!! he makes study so much fun and just wanna listen to him more and more !!!

I found the course very useful and applicable.It provided a very detailed overview of all the cryptocurrency wallets on offer and their pros and cons.Once completed the beginner will easily be able to secure their cryptocurrencies in the wallet of their choice.

Excellent course learned what I needed to about no cost crypto secure paper wallets!

This was an awesome course, especially for someone like me who has been a novice in the crypto-currency world. Some of the concepts were a little hard for a retired person (like me) to understand and I had to repeat the course several times. However, thanks to you Suppo, I can truly say that I am no longer a complete novice in "crypto-land". Although I still have a great deal to learn and I sometimes find it difficult to apply the knowledge I have gained, I can now hold a conversation with others, open/use accounts on Coin Base, Bittrex, and Coinexchange. I am still not having any success with Binance, but I will keep trying.
You have done a great job with your courses - at first I was hesitant to purchase/take your courses, but I am now very glad that I did decide to take the plunge - these courses have enabled me to participate in this sphere.
Thank you so very much for all that you do to help others!
God bless you!

This is an awesome lecturer. He is passionate about Cryptocurrency and explains every type of wallet from paper wallets to hardware wallets and he shows you step by step how to transfer and use them.
I would rate this course higher if I could but 5 stars is the maximum.

Very good course, I understood now how my Ledger Nano S works with Etherum.
It would be nice if mention how to setup others like Ripple

explained well and in a simple way that can be understood by many

Because so far it has been explained really well and I totally I totally understand it.

I gained sufficient knowledge on the various wallets

Very lively and informative presentation, course references to 2017 so may be a bit dated but a lot of valuable content.

Very well explained with examples and charts. Kudos to the team for putting such a brilliant course.


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  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • Full lifetime access


  • You should have taken the Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2017 to learn the basics of trading and investing
  • You should have access to a Computer with Internet connection


Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to store their Cryptocurrency safely
  • Anyone looking for all the methods of storing Cryptocurrency off the exchange
  • Anyone looking to put their Cryptocurrency in cold storage
  • Anyone looking to learn how to keep Cryptocurrency safe from hackers