Cryptocurrency Trading Bot with a User Interface in Python


Take your trading ideas to code and make them more efficient by automating them like a pro!

This course will guide you through all the steps required to write a program in Python for algorithmic trading, using the best coding practices. It is a perfect example of the “learning by doing” pedagogy: instead of learning only theoretical concepts, you will learn important concepts whilst creating a real trading application, from API connections to trade management.

Keep control over your trading robot with an interface

A trading program can automate your strategy, but that’s not all: you can also use it as a trading assistant by building a user interface (UI) that will help you follow your trades and market data. This course will give you an understanding on how to develop a solid Tkinter interface and integrate it with the trading automation part.

Interact with the crypto exchange servers without an intermediary

Many platforms propose to write simplified code to automate your strategy and handle most of the interaction with an exchange API in the background. It doesn’t give you the freedom you may need, it prevents you from building very developed programs, and their service- of course- isn’t easy on the wallet.
This course will teach you how to interact with an exchange API without an intermediary- giving you control of everything. It will also give you the power to improve your programming knowledge, which you can re-use for other projects.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to Code a trading bot / Automate a trading strategy
  • How to Connect to crypto exchange APIs in general
  • How to Design a graphical user interface (GUI) in Python
  • Improve your Python skills and good practices with a real-world project
  • Learn to use a REST and Websocket API

Topics for this course

48 Lessons10h 04m

Introduction & Initial Setup

Course Overview00:00
Installing Python00:00
Installing and Using Pycharm00:00
Creating your API keys00:00
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)00:00
Stuck during the course? Check here00:00

Application Entry Point & Interface / API basics

Build Up the Interface

Strategies and Trading

Enhance the Application with more features


About the instructors

Bernard Mikhail is an instructor in peer-to-peer technology and a startup mentor. A Co-founder and CEO of an industry-leading blockchain and cryptocurrency research company serving academic institutions, corporations, and government agencies. A globally distributed payment system using blockchain. A platform for philanthropy that encourages giving cryptocurrency to underprivileged people who otherwise could not access finance or investment opportunities. A cryptocurrency data and market intelligence startup. He offers financial products such as options, leveraged tokens, derivatives, and volatility products and serves both experienced and novice traders, with the intention of helping everyone access financial services. His firm is one of the first US investment firms with funds in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Investing solely in blockchain technologies, they are now one of the largest institutional crypto holders and also one of the largest global investors in cryptocurrency start-ups. The project brings together work by cryptocurrency’s most important experts and their in-house writers to provide in-depth information, news, and analysis. Bernard Mikhail was Chairman of the educational committee of the Bitcoin Foundation and founded the Cryptocurrency Research Group for investors in cryptocurrencies, offering interest-bearing accounts, credit, and trading. He manage billions of dollars in assets for millions of users using a digital asset trading platform that was one of the first to offer cryptocurrency trading. He also led the development of the cryptocurrency Cardano in 2017. He also co-founded Ethereum, called a “decentralized mining network and software development platform rolled into one” which went live in 2015 with 65 million Ether (ETH) coins. Its market capitalization was around $16 billion in early 2020 (Bitcoin was around $150 billion). He also worked in a semiconductor company offering servers, chips, and cloud solutions for AI and blockchain. Their products include the cryptocurrency mining platform, blockchain super computing hardware, and the mining pool and block explorer. He was a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2016. He was Managing Director of a World finance company during its acquisition, as it grew revenue 7x in 18 months and organized the largest industry event in 2017. He believes that cryptocurrency will begin “the greatest wealth transfer of our lifetimes.” He is a cryptocurrency advocate who believes that Bitcoin will succeed as a safe haven against inflation and an alternative to gold. He hopes to create a more inclusive global economy by “making money more fluid and people more empowered,” backed by open-source software. He is also Advisor to Intelligence Research Institutes. He blogs and tweets about crypto, technology, and current events.
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Enjoyed this course. Straight to the point. No bullshit.

very good information. Well explained. Very rich.

Clarity and honesty from Christopher! I really enjoy this course.

Perfect course for a general overview of the markets

Great course, easy to understand. A good course to begin with if you are a newbie to the world of investing.

One of Best Course Ever I have taken Online.

Highly Recommended!

Easy to understand, his accent even makes it more interesting. You won't only learn about stocks or markets, but also refresh your memory of history and economy (also politics) that play significant roles in the philosophy of trading. If you are a new beginner with zero experience of this subject, don't hesitate to start with this course.

I really enjoyed the course and Christopher gave real world examples and made the course very engaging

I am writing this review as an appreciation of the credibility of the provider. Since there are many courses that give false promises regarding easy ways of becoming rich and earning much of money, this course states realisable learning outcomes. The demonstration was clear and simple. I gained valuable knowledge from this course.

I highly recommend it.

Very clear overview of the basic and key concepts. Though basic at times the course has provided me with the tools to understand the basics and get started with formulating my own trading and education plan. Clear, well presented and enjoyable.

This course was very detailed and had lots of examples for each lesson taught. He used real life examples and encourages the client to use their own judgment instead of pushing to use something else for trading. He was very clear and I really enjoyed taking this course. I would love to take other courses offered by this instructor!

The best course I have already watched about trading. Funny, easy way to understanding some basic and more complex concepts in trading from the begining (where everyone should start learning). I really liked your course. Thank you.


thanks a lot, very useful course

it will be good in future to discuss some of the trusty platform to use and how to do trading using those

Excellent course. The information was very clear. He touched on a lot of important financial topics in a manner that was entertaining. Even though I did prior research, I learned a lot more information about stocks and other assets. The drawings he made had a unique style and are very cute. The instructor is also very funny. I hope he makes more courses in the future.

Great course! Clear explanation with realistic advice.

Very interesting and informative

Superbly explained!

Awesome course, I finished it in 3 days. I hope that he uploaded more courses.

This is a brilliant course explained and demonstrated in the simplest language possible, for beginners like myself. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Highly recommended!

Absolutely, there a lot I have learnt so far, especially the type of brokers, how they make money and so on.

Very Interesting for me. i am a very beginner and it is very perfect. good and very clear explained

Instructor's choice of language is poor. Keeps reminding that other's "should kill themselves" if they have differing point of views. Obviously a figure of speech, but a poor choice of language nonetheless.

the course content is very good and very well explained, for the beginners who does not have any knowledge of trading.

the course content is very good and very well explained, for the beginners who does not have any knowledge of trading.


Material Includes

  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • 8 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • 1 coding exercise
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • Basic Python knowledge (know what a class/object is, dictionaries, lists, functions, loops, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge about crypto trading (bid/ask price, limit/market order)

Target Audience

  • Traders wishing to automate their strategies
  • Python developers wanting an introduction to trading bots
  • Developers wanting an introduction to GUI programming in Python
  • Python beginners who want to learn about GUI programming and API connections with a real-world project
  • Binance and Bitmex users who want to create their own trading tools