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Get Started With Cryptocurrency

Discover everything you need to get started with bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

This top rated course will provide the knowledge you need to start strategically building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. The cryptocurrency market continues to grow each year. Don’t be late to the party, and get started with cryptocurrency today.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to make your first cryptocurrency purchase, or an experienced cryptocurrency investor looking to learn new trading & investing strategies, this masterclass is for you!

What’s Inside:

  • Introduction To Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
  • How to Purchase Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Types & Storage
  • How To Use Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies
  • And Tons More!

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the best methods to safely purchase bitcoin & other cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency investing strategies to build your portfolio
  • Use proven technical analysis strategies for cryptocurrency trading
  • Select the right wallet to securely store your cryptocurrency

Topics for this course

43 Lessons03h 50m

Welcome To The Course!

Cryptocurrency | Welcome to the Course00:00
Course Agenda | What We Will Cover00:00

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Purchase Cryptocurrency | How To Purchase Any Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Wallets & Storage | How To Setup & Add Cryptocurrency To Wallets

Cryptocurrency Investing | Investing Strategies & Tips For Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Trading | Technical Analysis, Candlestick Charts & Strategies

BONUS SECTION: Steemit | How To Get Started On Steemit

About the instructors

Bruce Aldo Molinaroli

Expert Crypto Trader

Bruce Aldo Molinaroli is a professional trader with over 42+ years of experience trading the financial markets and securities, both personally and professionally. Bruce has from his experience, acquired the FINRA license, NYSE American LLC license and New York Stock Exchange license respectively. As a longer of new technology and experience expert in handling volatile markets, he has taken his experience into trading cryptocurrency since 2015 and has gained more insights and studied to near perfection, how the market works based on historical data and technical analysis. Over the time of trading cryptocurrency, Bruce has created a fortune for himself, gaining millions of dollars in bitcoins and other cryptocurrency assets.
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In depth and very thorough. There are many other courses on cyrptocurrency but this one is by far the best I have taken. The instructor clearly demonstrates his experience and knowledge of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and what to look out for. I am now more confident of delving into this market and investing some of my money.

Great for beginner

Straightforward with explanations. Thanks Bruce

Wonderful overview

Very comprehensive but to the point

Nice videos, feels pretty good to listen. I was expecting little more in depth but adequate though

Completely new to cripto and enjoying all the info

Excellent teacher, great graphics and a nice pace. Looking forward to learning more.

I like the history he provides it’s easy enough a child can understand it

The instructor appears to be enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Great info with clear explanations

I like the course very much I believe the instructor is very clear and makes everything very understandable. I recommend his course.

Good course rapped in entertaining explanations.

I thought this was a fantastic course where I learned a lot of new strategies for cryptos. The course provided tons of information from buying my first crypto currency to trading like a pro. Explanations for strategies were very thorough. Great job Bruce, looking forward to more videos.

good course flow and good information provided from an beginning intro into cryptocurrency


Fantastic course! I really liked the demonstration videos showing the details from the very basics, very useful.

Very simple and to the point. Very practical with hands on teaching. Awesome job!

Gives a good general review including possibilities and necesseties

Thorough & up to date info, easy to understand, like Bruce's method of teaching

The Coinbase assignment seem bugged. Webpage will freeze in a infinite loop when you click next.

Thanks Bruce for the excellent Crypto course! You are a great teacher and you make a tedious subject fun.

My 3rd course with Bruce. He is an excellent teacher and I look forward any additional courses he produces. In this course you will find in depth review of cryptocurrencies and how to invest and trade them. He does a wonderful job physically showing people how create accounts, digital wallets, purchase and tools offered by each platform. Please keep up the good work.

well designed interface, clear voice/audio, not boring or monotone. So far, so good

This course covers everything a cryptocurrency novice would need to know to get into Bitcoin or one of the altcoins. If you want to know what cryptocurrency is, how to buy and store crypto, or trading crypto on the market, this course will provide a solid foundation to build on.

Great pace and explanation not only of technical aspects but even context which helps make it all come together in a way that makes sense for anyone starting out.

Fantastic presentation, even a deaf person will understand this course dues to how well presented it is. Highly recommended for both beginners and pros.

The course was very good. The instructor keeps your attention throughout the course. Would recommend this course to other students as part of their courses to take on trading digital currency classes.

Just About History of Bitcoin as of now. very Detailed overview and Understanding.


Material Includes

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion


  • Must have an interest in learning about bitcoin & other cryptocurrency
  • Must have a computer or smartphone with internet connection

Target Audience

  • Anyone looking to learn about the world of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology
  • Beginners looking to make their first cryptocurrency purchase
  • Experienced investors looking to learn new cryptocurrency trading & investing strategies