Blockchain Advanced Level: Uses Beyond Bitcoin


In this blockchain advanced level course on uses beyond bitcoin, I will personally show you step by step why Bitcoin is only one application of blockchain technology, and how blockchain is being used in a wide range of other situations to drive real results.

I also explain the various platforms used, where blockchain technology is heading, and which areas you should be paying attention to as blockchain develops, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

In this course, I only present and review real blockchain uses and applications that are life and driving real outcomes.

This course presents real blockchain uses beyond Bitcoin – no hype, Vaporware, or empty promises.

With your enrollment, you also receive multiple valuable resources which will help you explore further, including access to a special online platform to help you practice and learn as you take the lessons.

What Will I Learn?

  • Have a firm grasp of the key concepts around blockchain technology in applications beyond Bitcoin
  • Know about and understand multiple business use cases of blockchain beyond Bitcoin.
  • Discuss business uses of blockchain as it is being expanded beyond mere cryptocurrency.

Topics for this course

18 Lessons1h 50m


Bitcoin as an application of Blockchain00:00

Blockchain Concepts

Uses of blockchain beyond bitcoin

Summary and Conclusion

About the instructors

Owen Richards

Expert Trader

Owen Richards venture into the world of cryptocurrency in 2015 after serving in the financial industry as an investment merchant for years. Owen has gained years of experience in trading and analyzing the cryptocurrency markets. This has earned him a reputable knowledge in the markets, thereby giving him the privilege to instruct and guide people from around the world on how best to trade the markets for profits.
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It was very informative. My only recommendation would be to have additional quizzes (at least optional), or a longer quiz at the end of the training.

Great Learning Thank you

It was very informative. My only recommendation would be to have additional quizzes (at least optional), or a longer quiz at the end of the training.

Yes I have been inspired to want to learn more how to use blockchain in my life.

Increased -knowledge and awareness, more in-depth, understanding.

Very Informative and simple way of explaining.

Really exciting to learn about Blockchain and what it offers

Un cours très instructif, des notions que je connaissais vaguement m'ont été expliqué avec une clarté déconcertantes et dans un timing si court je n'en reviens vraiment pas je suis très satisfait de ce cours

Very informative and educational course. I highly recommend it. Instructor provided students with valuable real world examples.

Very short, I think the George could expand more in each topic.

Good learning experience

Excellent eye opening info which will allow me to contemplate useful business solutions and innovations.

I like how the tutor talks. Good speed and it's very clear what he wants to convey. I'm very looking forward to proceed all lectures.

Great material and confidently presented, the ONLY difference I would make is defining some terms that are not common such as "immutability".

The course is awesome, the contents are short and very important. Owen Richards has explained very well. Thankyou for making such interesting courses.

Awesome overview on blockchain, it's use as currency, and it's many other business and social applications.

An excellent course for a tech enthusiast person. Absolutely loved it, short and simple. I definitely recommend this course to my friends and fellows so that they also get a chance to know that there are lot of things going on blockchain beside only cryptocurrencies.

Excellent overview! It was a pleasure to learn more about how blockchain affects life as we know it. I love Owen Richards' clarity and passion for improving the world!

So much fantastic content, very easy to follow along. im Learning so much. Thank you for all your hard work that you have put into this course.


Material Includes

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access


  • Have a basic understanding of blockchain technology and how Bitcoin leverages blockchain.

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in understanding how blockchain technology is being applied beyond Bitcoin
  • Business people and entrepreneurs looking to leverage blockchain technology in areas beyond Bitcoin.