Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions


Master Bitcoin Transactions (Advanced Level) with this bestselling video course!

Learn what Bitcoin transactions are, how they work and how they are structured!

  • Do you want to fully understand Bitcoin transactions?
  • Do you want to be able to describe the process of how Bitcoin transactions are created and processed?
  • Do you want to develop the expertise and the vocabulary necessary to speak knowingly and professionally about Bitcoin transactions?

Then this is the course for you!


Take your Bitcoin expertise to the next level with this Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions course.

This advanced level video course focusing on Bitcoin transactions will prepare you to be able to understand and discuss what Bitcoin transactions are, how they work and how they are structured.

You’ll learn the key concepts around Bitcoin transactions including:

  • What is a Bitcoin transaction?
  • What are the key components of a Bitcoin transaction?
  • How are Bitcoin transactions structured?
  • How are Bitcoin transactions permanently recorded on the blockchain, as well as how to review them.

NOTE: This is an advanced-level video course designed for business professionals, and focuses on the business components of Bitcoin transactions.

It requires the student to have an understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in order to be most effectively understood. As a result, it is highly recommended that students have previously taken and successfully completed the Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals course.

This course is intended for business professional audiences and there is no software coding experience needed, nor are there software coding examples included.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand and explain how Bitcoin transactions work, as well as how they are structured.
  • Be able to analyze Bitcoin transactions and verify transactions on the public blockchain.

Topics for this course

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Bitcoin Advanced: Transactions

About the instructors

Bernard Mikhail is an instructor in peer-to-peer technology and a startup mentor. A Co-founder and CEO of an industry-leading blockchain and cryptocurrency research company serving academic institutions, corporations, and government agencies. A globally distributed payment system using blockchain. A platform for philanthropy that encourages giving cryptocurrency to underprivileged people who otherwise could not access finance or investment opportunities. A cryptocurrency data and market intelligence startup. He offers financial products such as options, leveraged tokens, derivatives, and volatility products and serves both experienced and novice traders, with the intention of helping everyone access financial services. His firm is one of the first US investment firms with funds in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Investing solely in blockchain technologies, they are now one of the largest institutional crypto holders and also one of the largest global investors in cryptocurrency start-ups. The project brings together work by cryptocurrency’s most important experts and their in-house writers to provide in-depth information, news, and analysis. Bernard Mikhail was Chairman of the educational committee of the Bitcoin Foundation and founded the Cryptocurrency Research Group for investors in cryptocurrencies, offering interest-bearing accounts, credit, and trading. He manage billions of dollars in assets for millions of users using a digital asset trading platform that was one of the first to offer cryptocurrency trading. He also led the development of the cryptocurrency Cardano in 2017. He also co-founded Ethereum, called a “decentralized mining network and software development platform rolled into one” which went live in 2015 with 65 million Ether (ETH) coins. Its market capitalization was around $16 billion in early 2020 (Bitcoin was around $150 billion). He also worked in a semiconductor company offering servers, chips, and cloud solutions for AI and blockchain. Their products include the cryptocurrency mining platform, blockchain super computing hardware, and the mining pool and block explorer. He was a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2016. He was Managing Director of a World finance company during its acquisition, as it grew revenue 7x in 18 months and organized the largest industry event in 2017. He believes that cryptocurrency will begin “the greatest wealth transfer of our lifetimes.” He is a cryptocurrency advocate who believes that Bitcoin will succeed as a safe haven against inflation and an alternative to gold. He hopes to create a more inclusive global economy by “making money more fluid and people more empowered,” backed by open-source software. He is also Advisor to Intelligence Research Institutes. He blogs and tweets about crypto, technology, and current events.
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Good content and flow

Very clear presentation and well presented and explained.

Excellente , Aprendi Bastante Sobre BlockChain e as transações feitas com Bitcoins . Excelente

Love the technology and the course . This course has provided me in depth knowledge of Blockchain-bitcoin

Informative for the newbie

This is awesome lecture and I gained a lot of information in deep level

Interesting to learn how bitcoin came about.

Thanks Christopher . It was really nice design course which will take you through the journey of the Bitcoin transaction and every single minute details about the transaction process. I will really encourage you to take this course to understand transaction concept.

A valuable course. Enjoyed learning. Thank you.

thats good for understanding crypto tading

Thank you very much for your detailed course into bitcoin :)
I learned a lot and I will be able to apply my knowledge in my future endeavors.

got more confidence about bitcoin.

I learnt a lot from the course and enjoyed doing it - thank you :)

the training is very difficult and it requires more concentration and understanding.

Simple language, explain in a simple manner, and very structured.

This was a very good course. I did find much of the material had been already covered in the beginner class. I would have taken this one and not the beginners, if I had paid closer attention to what was covered in both classes .

Very informative and gets you empowered to be executing on knowledge when you start trading.

This course really breaks down what happens in between point A and point B, in a transaction. How to trace transactions all the way back to when the "coin" was originally created, and how your wallet calculates and processes your transaction. Along with how your transaction is confirmed as legitimate and logged in the blockchain.

I'm sure most people wouldn't care about this stuff, but i found it incredibly interesting. I will will have to go over it all again though. There is a lot more to take in than previous the courses.
All in all, I consider it money well spent.

Very depth and insightful. Hi Christopher, since I have already completed 4 courses from Blockchain Institute of Technology, how do I go about enrolling for Certified Blockchain Professional and Certified Blockchain Expert from BIT? Since, I have enrolled in these course, do I get some kind of waiver on the courses? Appreciate your guidance. Cheers.

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructor made sure to give the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course!

I really like the teaching style of this teacher, makes technical things easy to understand.

The content is nice, and the instructor replies to your questions with great care.
Thank you


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  • This is an advanced level course which requires the student to have a working understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in order to be most effectively understood. As a result, it is highly recommended that students have previously taken and successfully completed the Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals course.

Target Audience

  • This Bitcoin Advanced Level video course is designed for business professionals and focuses on the business components of Bitcoin transactions. There is no software coding experience needed for this course nor are there software coding examples included.