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★★★★★ “Cem is a well-renowned figure in the blockchain and crypto industry. His opinions and insights are always interesting and unique. Having completed many courses on blockchain before this one, I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many new concepts and practicalities. She methodologically builds a foundation of all concepts and then delves into details. The course never makes you feel confused, lost, or lagging behind. Overall, a fantastic way to learn about blockchain and its specifics.

What Will I Learn?

  • Bitcoin and how it works
  • Blockchain and how it works
  • Cryptocurrency, coin, token, altcoin
  • Hot wallet vs cold storage
  • Software, hardware, and paper wallets
  • Ledger Nano S and how to use it
  • Desktop, mobile, and web wallets
  • The public key, private key, and address
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Hash rate and hash power
  • ASIC mining devices
  • Methods of cryptocurrency mining
  • Mining pools and how to choose the best
  • What you need to mine cryptocurrencies
  • Profitability calculation in mining
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and how to choose the best
  • How to buy cryptocurrency from Binance
  • How to transfer cryptocurrency from Binance
  • How to earn money from buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • How to create an Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet
  • How to send and receive Ethereum on MyEtherWallet
  • Market order, limit order, conditional order
  • Bid and ask, maker and taker
  • Bitcoin block and its contents
  • Digital signature and its use
  • Hashing and hash function
  • How money evolved into bitcoin

Topics for this course

45 Lessons07h 16m

Before Starting the Course

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Blockchain & Bitcoin



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About the instructors

Linda Moore was brought into the world in England and left school at 16. She has dispatched a business that has reached more than 100,000 individuals, invested energy in more than 25 nations, and lived in the littlest country in the EU. Presently, Shes an e-Resident of Estonia. Presently, She chipping away at Crypto Condensed and Command Codeless. She distributes her papers, outlines, instructional exercises, and more on her site. You can contact her via Telegram; @ Linda0712.
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Material Includes

  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • 10 articles
  • 39 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • No pre-requisites except for an interest in blockchain

Target Audience

  • Anyone that wants to learn what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are and how they work
  • Anyone that wants to buy/sell & send/receive cryptocurrencies and make money
  • Anyone that wants to mine cryptocurrencies and make money
  • Airdroppers, bounty hunters, blockchain enthusiasts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, cryptocurrency traders, ICO community managers, ICO business development managers, ICO marketers, ICO press managers,… that want to have a solid understanding of blockchain
  • Project managers, product managers, developers, advisors/consultants, entrepreneurs, government officials, marketing specialists, venture capitalists, investors, traders, bloggers, authors, analysts, lecturers, professors, recruiters,… that need to understand blockchain technology for professional reasons