Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading

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Are you still trying to do cryptocurrency trading unsuccessfully? Are you unsure of when to buy or sell? Don’t waste your time with analyses that do not work! In this course, you will learn how to trade 5 Cryptocurrency trading strategies manually and how to trade them automatically.



Are you still trying to do cryptocurrency trading unsuccessfully? Are you unsure of when to buy or sell? Don’t waste your time with analyses that do not work!
In this course, you will learn how to trade 5 Cryptocurrency trading strategies manually and how to trade them automatically. More, you will have access to the monthly parameters that the I use for my trades.
Millions of people have tried to predict what will happen on the cryptocurrency market, traded manually on the exchanges, and lost money.
In this course, I will provide you with 5 strategies for Bitcoin and Ethereum with the 5 Expert Advisors (Robots) included. This algorithmic cryptocurrency trading system has been developed over the past several years with remarkable success – many strategies in one account to diversify the risk and achieve stable results.

What Will I Learn?

  • Trade fully automatically with 5 cryptocurrency trading strategies and build your account
  • Diversify the risk between 2 different cryptocurrencies, 2 different time frames, and 5 different strategies
  • Remove the emotions from cryptocurrency trading, that makes most of the traders losing money
  • Build your profit on the volatility of each cryptocurrency, trading automatically with 5 strategies in 1 account
  • A professional way for cryptocurrency trading with manual and automatic strategies
  • How to back test a strategy professionally before risking any real money

Topics for this course

2h 30m

5 different strategies for cryptocurrency trading

how to trade each strategy manually

what parameters are best at any moment according to the market conditions

how to start with cryptocurrency trading if you are a complete beginner

correctly place the Expert Advisors on MetaTrader, with Magic numbers to follow the performance

how to test on a virtual account until you are confident with the strategies

About the instructors

My name is Jason and I have 9 years experience trading cryptocurrency trading and over 21 years of investing in stocks and etf. I trade cryptocurrency and travel the world as I teach students the arts of technical analysis and cryptocurrency research. I have thankfully, developed a deep understanding of the financial industry's many facets: Long-term investing, shorter-term trading, and automation. I run a full-time Cryptocurrency trading channel on Telegram where we analyze the markets every single day, serving members, who have seen compound growth in their portfolio ever since.
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it is interesting to see such a course among all the others that are very similar...the course is totally on another level, a bit complicated for me, but very interesting

Great content, as in all the other courses I have seen from Petko. Worth watching, some great ideas about trading, manual or automated. I would say one of the serious courses on how to trade cryptos! Thanks for your hard work.

Another clas of course! Very professional and well explained. Very hard to find this ind of courses. It is totally different from what i have seen so far. Great work to the Instructor and his team. I am waiting the next course.

nice video and audio quality. Also, I enjoyed instructor lectures and his deep explanations. It is nice to see that the cryptocurrency market is being developed and more and more systems are coming up. Algorithmic trading in there for sure will play bigger part then it does now.

what i liked in the course is the good structure. Even i had to pause it few times and i continued, i kne exactly where I am. I Wish the instructor provides a bit more avanced details about Algorithmic trading with Meta Trader, but anyway that is not the subject of the course. I will start practicing now and if i have any questions, i will let you know. Great course i can say.

cryptocurrency is the future in the market and I am glad to see there are already such courses where they teach you how to trade with algorithmic methods. I am surprised to see how innovative people can be to deliver so quickly such things that I did not know are possible....great

I found the course very useful and applicable.It provided a very detailed overview of all the cryptocurrency wallets on offer and their pros and cons.Once completed the beginner will easily be able to secure their cryptocurrencies in the wallet of their choice.

Detailed course with many explanations about how to create strategies for the cryptocurrencies and that is what I was looking for. Another thing I liked is that the trader is providing us with 12 EAs if we want to trade with algorithmic trading.!

This is clearly not for beginners. I picked up another course as a primer

As should be expected from a crypto trading course, updates get outdated within weeks, so I had to minimize a few settings for ripple

The course exceeded my expectations and I learned many new things. I will keep on learning from you, because there is more to be learned from him

what i really appreciate in this course is the efford of the instructor to give so many details and to show how actually we need to create the strategies. It is amazing to see this software, where you can generate strategies, never seen that, for sure i will test it. It saves so much time and money, and at the end we have a realistic becktest, not just some strategy that we do not know how it performed.

Excellent Course! Have to go through it again to take in all the details.

It is simple and understandable

Still early in the course but appears to be pertinent and valuable.

Overall very educational and well done. Some concepts in the course I had to find other sources of information to clarify, some repetition for a few of the videos, and inconsistent audio volume would make this perfect.

The course is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. We have no regrets! I will recommend you to my colleagues.


Material Includes

  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 14 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
  • A very open-minded person for cryptocurrency trading
  • Have any PC, notebook, laptop, tablet, or phone with internet access
  • Basic knowledge in trading on the Meta Trader platform would be useful

Target Audience

  • Traders who wish to learn how to close every trade on a profit but be ready to take losses as well
  • People who wish to profit fully automatically and not to spend the whole day in front of the screen
  • Traders that do not want to pay any costs for the actual purchase or mining of a cryptocurrency
  • People who wish to trade on the value of the cryptocurrencies to make profits