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Welcome to 24/7 Trade Academy where people from all over the world come for education on cryptocurrency trading.  At the core of our values is the idea that we are strong alone, but stronger together. We consider everyone in 24/7 Trade Academy to be family, and continue to rely on each other to become better traders everyday.  Trading for us is not a job or profession, but a way of life. We trade cryptocurrency for freedom. What are you doing to achieve yours? 24/7 Trade Academy is a group of traders that develop things together. Too often in this industry there are endless stories of secrets and deceit.  If you are an experienced trader you may have been a victim of this sad practice.  We consider ourselves to be an open source project where we continue to adapt to the ever changing market dynamics. Trying to learn how to day trade is hard enough, so we aimed to make everything as simple as possible. Instead of having a million different indicators and having our charts look like a rainbow, we make everything as simple as possible.

24/7 Academy is for




You’ve just opened a trading account. Or, maybe you’ve been buying and selling cryptocurrency for years. We teach traders of all levels skills designed to help you take your trading to the next level.

Self-Directed Investors

You’re actively managing all or a portion of your portfolio and are looking to better understand market trends. Students generally want to learn about ways they could minimize risk and be more strategic about their investments.


You may have little to no experience with trading or investing – and that’s okay. Many people come to 24/7 trading academy to simply looking to develop their financial knowledge.

It’s All About Community

We are building talented traders and empowering entrepreneurs in the technical and commercial sides of the blockchain revolution.

Our Mission

We want to bring cryptocurrency into your life in the way that’s best for you. Whether you’re looking to trade, accept cryptocurrency at your business, or invest, we want to help.

Our Facilities


Learn from seasoned professionals managing millions, how to successfully trade the crypto markets.


Learn the valuation models our teams have used to identify several 10 baggers in the crypto markets.


Learn the skills necessary to contribute to projects and earn yourself a stake in their success.

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Account Manager

Going alone can be challenging, lonely and boring. At 24/7 Trade Academy we have built a like-minded community of people that believe in the future of cryptocurrency assets. Some are full time traders, others are builders working in the industry, and yet many are hobbyists that love to learn more about cryptocurrency and sharpen their trading game.

With the perfect mix of professional guidance and casual camaraderie, you’ll quickly find a home in the academy and accelerate your learning.
Have experts analyze the charts and markets for you and get a regular update on where the markets are likely heading.

Through our years of building successful strategies and our experience in mentoring our students in the Pathways to Profit Discipline, we have developed an alternative but equally robust approach to strategy creation.
This modified approach places different emphasis on different aspects of one’s strategy and the order of what tools are incorporated and optimized first.

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